Keynote Speaker

A.Prof. Carlo Massaroni

Departmental Faculty of Engineering Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (UCBM) Rome, Italy

Title: Wearable Sensors and Unobtrusive Technologies: current trends and future challenges


Carlo Massaroni is Assistant Professor at UCBM. His research is focused on the design of sensors, wearable sensing systems and contactless technologies for physiological and behavioral monitoring of patients and users. He serves as Chair of the TC ‘Wearable Sensors’ of the IEEE Sensors Chapter Council Italy Section, and he is Member of TC ‘Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems’ and ‘Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing’ of the IEEE EMB. He serves as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Digital Health and member of the editorial board of MDPI Sensors as well as Guest Editor of several special issues in the field of sensors for biomedical applications. He is TCP member and Chair in several international Conferences. Carlo Massaroni is IEEE Member.


Wearable and unobtrusive technologies are revolutionizing personal care services, as well as the screening, prevention, and management of chronic diseases. A range of patients and users may benefit from wearable and unobtrusive technologies for monitoring the progression of the pathologies, facilitating early detection and diagnosis of life-threatening diseases and stress levels, assessing the efficacy of administered therapies, providing low-cost and non-invasive diagnoses, as well as monitoring relevant or vital signals, even remotely. This talk will cover some recent technological development in this field and discuss some significant challenges that need to be addressed.